Wednesday, December 4, 2013

7 Years Ago on RYS. The Dream Student.

Monday, December 4, 2006

The Dream Student...Somebody is So Totally High This Morning

  • Reads the syllabus at the start of the semester. It wasn't written for my benefit.
  • Borrows or purchases the books for the course. All of them. I didn't order them by accident.
  • Notes assignment and test dates in his/her calendar. This avoids those pesky shouts of: "Do we have a test today?"
  • Attends class and takes notes. And knows when class starts.
  • Wears clothing that does not flash the class. I should not have to, but I will, ask you to put away your penis or cross your legs if you chose to go "commando."
  • Either does the assigned reading, or takes the penalty for skipping it. The dream student does not say that s/he thought the reading wasn't important and shouldn't count. When you have your own class you can assign whatever reading you think best. Until then you are stuck with my assignments.
  • Shows up for tests with a writing utensil. One that works. Really.
  • Tells me in advance if s/he has a conflict with a scheduled assignment or test. How could one possibly know this in advance? The course schedule is on the syllabus. Go figure.
  • Turns in hard copies of papers/assignments on the due date or in advance. Do not try telling me that the email attachment didn't go through. You're lying and we both know it; besides the syllabus states that only hard copies are accepted. I'm not your secretary.
  • Remembers that only you care what grade you earn in this class. Plenty of students have earned "As" in this class before you; plenty have earned "Fs." What you earn in this class is up to you. It makes no difference to me.


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