Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Holidays from Compound Cal.

Thanks to Fab, Les, Terry P. Hiram, and all the great community members of College Misery.

I am so appreciative that this place exists and that you're kind enough to let me play around the edges, bitching about fonts, blurring up the graphics, etc.

As my holiday gift to one and all - Les, you'll be getting my special delivery next week, IYKWIM - please partake in one of my favorite slices of girlpop. This tune was popularized by Britney, and written by Ke$ha, Max Martin, Dr. Luke and about 9 other Swedes. I recorded the music last week and shot the video on my iPhone 5c (yes, it's blue) this morning in the desert.

Please, as we once said, in the goon old days, to enjoy:


  1. Oh, Cal! If I didn't know how much you love Mrs. Cal, who I spoke to last week - Happy 30th!, I would think you were flirting. I couldn't do the page without you. Merry Chrisymas!

  2. And to you, too, Cal! And thanks for the song. I like it (and the desert).

  3. I would appreciate having you sing at my funeral while your dog manically scampers around the few mourners. That would make me feel good.

  4. OMG. My man crush is growing! Just two questions:
    (1) did your dog enjoy the scamper in the low sun (I caught his shadows EARLY)
    (2) Whatcha wearin' under those stretchy pants ?

    I remain, of course, insanely jealous of ANYBODY who can make music.

    In your case, this isn't just metaphor or hyperbole: you rock!

    1. Stretchy pants or just windy? Good grief. Why am I getting involved? Back to the tweet-beat where I belong.

  5. This was such fun! Thanks, Cal!! And have a great holiday and break!

  6. I remember your "Call Me Maybe" from last year. Great stuff, Cal!

  7. BRILLIANT. How did I miss this?


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