Saturday, December 28, 2013

Most Wanted?

Which old RYS / CM community members would you most like to hear from? We're in the process of trying to reach some of our favorites.


  1. Is that Mid Career Mike, of Soda Pop College? Love to hear from him. Yaro, natch, Bitchy, Dana. Is Katie available? Never mind. She's internet dating right now, so I'm sure she's too busy.

  2. I'd love to see another post from Frog and Toad; I've enjoyed her contributions since she was writing under a different, wildly ironic, moniker.

    Of the four listed above, definitely I would love to hear from Dana and the Bitchy Bear, but I miss all of them.

  3. Hey, nobody misses me? Sheesh. I thought I wrote some pretty snarky stuff. But I didn't write much, I guess, only every month or so at my highpoint and toward the end much less. I'll be writing another story soon to report on my new life. It probably won't be funny and sarcastic, however, since I am in a new life and correspondingly less bitter.


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