Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Where I'm At," From Mid Career Mike.

I'm touched that you called. I still keep up with the page, and read nearly every week. I love it when someone struggles and then finds an answer; I think that's the best thing we can do as teachers. Share it here, get some feedback, and go back in renewed.

Where have I been?

Well, still at Soda Pop College, still basking in the warm Gulf breezes. I'm over my envy of past colleagues. I've seen some of the pressures they face, and they simply aren't for me. I guess what I always wanted to be was a good teacher, and I continue to work at that.

Abe, my adjunct pal, who I shared my office with for a year, got a t-t job in Arizona and has left the area. But we still keep in touch.

The dickhead we were forced to hire stayed his 8 full months and took a job back in the northeast, where, presumably, the weather suited him better. I have almost no memory of him.

I guess I'm at the tail end of being mid-career. I feel totally at home here, and expect to stay here until - as Yaro might say - "the string is unwound."

My career did not become the one I dreamed of as a young academic. It became something else, and I'm proud of it and happy. I cannot ask for any more.

My best to you all,
Mid Career Mike

PS: As I said once before, even though Cal gave me a spectacular avatar, you cannot believe how much more handsome I am in person!


  1. But do you still have the 'stache?

    Seriously, I love Mike's story. Congratulations on finding - finally - just the right place. Not everyone does it, as you know, but it's nice to know it happens.

  2. Oh, the sharing of good news. Don't most of us have enough to feel bad about without another success story? I'm happy for Mid Career Mike, but it seems to me he had a bunch of job offers, picked one on a fucking beach, and now has no worries.

    Does that suck for me? Sure, a bit.

    Still, happy new year.


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