Friday, January 17, 2014

First Week Fun: A Playlet From Academic Charlotte Anne.

So I teach in the same classroom at 10, 11 and 1. On the first day of classes at 1:00 I am shutting the door to my class and a young snowflake, let’s call him Time-Challenged-Tony runs up to the door asking if this is Hamster History.

ACA: “No, this is Hamster Sexology.”

Time-Challenged-Tony (TCT) (standing bewildered): “But Hamster History is from 12:00-12:50 in this room.”

ACA: “Well, that class is over. It is 1:00.”

He wanders off and I go teach my class.


Oh but the fun with this snowflake who is not mine is not over! For on Wednesday he comes into my class at 10:51.

TCT: “Are you in here next hour?”

ACA: ”Yes.”

TCT:  “So you do teach Hamster History at 12:00!”

ACA: “No I teach Intro to Hamsters from 11:00-11:50.”

TCT (in a whiny tone): “But Hamster History is from 12:00-12:50.”

ACA: “Yes, but the NEXT class is from 11:00-11:50.”

Oh holy shit. Seriously? Can we not tell time???


  1. Just this semester, I've had two or three students simply show up to lab an hour late. "Oh, I thought it was at 10 am." Why? It says "9 am" on your schedule. We have digital clocks inside the entraces of all the academic buildings, relieving students of the need to decipher what the big and little hands are doing. Score another point for stupidity.

    1. But even with a digital clock, figuring out when a class ends may require math (and ACA's scenario involved 50-minute intervals. Complicated.)

  2. But don't you just live in that classroom, and teach whatever class comes through it? That's how they did it in high school! You take a lunch break, you say? Teachers eat?!?

  3. It's that X:50 that confuses them. Maybe clocks with faces beside the digital ones.

  4. On the first day I had a student, registered for my 10:45 class, show up and sit all the way through the 9:30 class and at the end ask, "You didn't call me name on the roster! I'm Amanda Anachronism." "Uh, ok. You're in the other section." "Oh. Really?" Pfft.

    1. I've had students argue with me about which section they're registered for (while looking at their schedule on the computer). I don't get it.


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