Sunday, January 12, 2014

Late Happy New Year

Class starts tomorrow.

Each Christmas, I promise myself that this year will be different. And, unlike previous Christmases, this year it actually was different -- for the first week. I got done every single thing I had scheduled for that week.

Of course, after that the next three weeks were "no different from previous Christmases." Or maybe they were different because they were even worse.

What is the best thing you ever promised yourself you would get done at Christmas and actually did get done? How did it happen?

And by the way, late happy new year to you all.


  1. Somewhere in Year 3 of teaching, I decided I didn't care what students thought of me. That has helped me to make decisions that help students to learn rather than to help students to like me.

  2. I got a Christmas tree up, for the first time in quite a few years (of course, I got it up c. Dec. 28, and it's still up, but who's counting?).

    1. Also, I cleared the dining table (a very central and visible feature in my tiny apartment) and put on a holiday tablecloth, and have managed to keep it more or less clear (except for the Amaryllis in the center, which just came into bloom today -- once again, the timing hasn't been perfect, but I'm determined to enjoy the signs of the season, even if I have to extend it a bit in the process.)


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