Monday, February 3, 2014

Service Restored.

Our Blogger / Google rep writes:
"I wouldn't term it a hack, since the person(s) who accessed the site did it through a legitmate user account. I've turned off administrative and user controls to 3 accounts that seemed to be involved. At your discretion you can delete or reassign those accounts."
I called Cal this morning and he has set things back to normal. I apologize for the brief interruption of service. I believe any posts that were intended for today did make it online, and are showing up in Chrome this morning. Firefox users tell me they are still getting a blank front page, but with our background and header back in place.

I asked our rep about any possible security or privacy concerns:
"It does not appear that any login information was used or even accessed beyond the three accounts I've flagged. I note that two of these are new accounts (Dec, 2013 & Jan. 2014). Nothing else seems to have been corrupted."
Just let us know if anything seems amiss on your end.



  1. "Just let us know if anything seems amiss on your end."

    I can't find the remote.

  2. Everything looks normal to me on Firefox (both here and home and on my school computer). When I first checked this morning, however, the font choice was worse than usual, and the graphics were sorta odd.

    Once again, thanks for putting up with everything, RGM.

    1. that would be "at home." My brain, apparently, is working about as well as it usually does these days, which isn't very.

  3. Just for the record, the Google account I post from was created in October, 2013. I realize that by having separate real life and CM personae I increase the odds of having another bent on dastardly deeds, but the timetable doesn't support that it was "me" behind the recent fracas.


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