Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Me, It's Leslie K. Yawn.

Oh dear, Terry has oversold my visit. It's hardly an update at all, mostly just a "hi."

What's new? Devil spawn daughter married, happily so far, and suddenly the smartest married person ever. She said the other day, "You know, if Daddy and you just..." and I covered her mouth with my hand and said, "Don't go there. Your daddy and I stumble along just fine." But seriously, the beau, the man, the husband (GAK!) is nice and loving and acts as if he enjoys my husband's football addiction, so all is well.

Still teaching. May share some stories in the future, but I feel blessed with what I have. Still in touch with Darla and Cal (and Mrs. Cal, who is the greatest). Cal's health issues continue, but he's fierce and vigilant and in good spirits. And dear dear Fab, who I love unconditionally. He's got a new book coming out in his field and is happy and well and making his world as wonderful as it can be.

Finally, I got stuck in the elevator again, and once again got scolded for being in the building too early. I did not hold my tongue this time, and once the 22 year old security "captain" rescued me, I laid into him. At one point, and I know it sounds crazy, but I said, "THIS IS MY COLLEGE. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE KEYS DOESN'T MAKE IT YOURS!" Oh well. I sent him a coffee the next morning because I sense we will meet again.

With Love,
Leslie K


  1. Kimmie of the Kensington KimmiesSeptember 16, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    Love you, Leslie. So good to hear from you. I send along my tiny best wishes.

  2. B sends her love, Les. And tells me that she always knew you liked her best...

  3. Aw, this gives my heart a warm fuzzy to hear this news. Looking forward to hearing more.

  4. It's a wedding miracle! Good to see your smiling face.

  5. That daughter! What I love about the "devil spawn" wedding was a slideshow Les made for folks who couldn't attend. I swear the cake was taller than the groom, and there's one picture of the poor mother of the bride actually serving some kind of meatball dish out of a giant silver tray. The look on her face is spectacular - relief, annoyance. Oh, and sweat on the brow. LOL. Who has outdoor weddings? Kids...


  6. Leslie!!! Good to see your (or, rather, what's-her-name-the-porn-star's) smiling face, and to hear that all is going well (or as well as can be expected). I feel like we ought to take up a collection to buy you some keys, but somehow I don't think the cost is the problem. Maybe an emergency elevator-escape tool? (do they make those?) Or just a bottle to keep you company until "business hours" arrive? (Seriously, what is it with people? Do we professors work too little, or too much? Could somebody please decide?*). Anyway, I'm glad you escaped, and chewed out the "captain" for questioning your presence at YOUR place of work, and took the time to check in here, and let us know how things are going.

    *Of course, at least at my uni, much faculty behavior is explained by the old saw that the faculty is united only by a common grievance about parking; I, at least, come in early because traffic will be lighter, and I'm sure I can find a parking spot at that hour. Also, it's quiet, and many of the students are still asleep.


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