Sunday, October 12, 2014

Academic Haiku From Normal Nick.

copier code changed.
toner cartridge out of ink.
handouts won't be made.

one half-assed marker.
not even enough to sniff.
blue streak of failure.

projector screen broke.
bulb's been burned out for 6 months.
miss shadow bunnies.

guess I must lecture.


  1. That sounds like a typical day for me while I was teaching. Often, the whiteboard markers in our area wouldn't work properly, even though there might be a handful of them there.

    Service courses in other buildings were even worse. Often, the facilities were either shared with or run by more than one department. If something needed to be fixed, one often didn't know who to report it to. All one could do was leave a message with a secretary and hope that someone in charge received it.

  2. PowerPoint file corrupt
    Hours of work, in vain, wasted
    Guess I must lecture

  3. Are even brand-new markers sniffable these days? They seem less potent, somehow.

    Still, it's a sad image, as are the missing shadow bunnies.

    I suppose you could always make them do group work, and/or write stuff on 3 x 5 cards. But the supply cabinet is undoubtedly locked, or bereft of 3 x 5 cards.


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