Monday, October 13, 2014

Bryan College settles lawsuit with professors.

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A lawsuit filed by two former professors at Bryan College against the school has been settled, but the terms of the out-of-court settlement are confidential and the parties involved are not commenting on the matter, according to reports.

The lawsuit was filed by two tenured Bryan College professors that were notified earlier this year that their employment was terminated after they failed to acknowledge the college’s recent “clarification” on the origins of man in their contract renewal.

The original lawsuit states that when the Bryan College Board of Trustees approved a “clarification” to the school’s statement of faith saying that man descended from Adam and Eve and did not evolve from other species, it was effectively altering the Bryan College statement of faith. The school’s charter expressly forbids an alteration to the college’s statement of faith.



  1. I'm at a Christian SLAC. I could totally see this happening at my school. It makes me want to shout loudly.

  2. Conservative Christians sometimes accuse Progressive Christians of bending to the cultural winds, and I take the point (though I'm inclined to worry far more about the corrupting power of consumerism and other outgrowths of capitalism than, say, same-sex marriage, which strikes me as an entirely natural and appropriate step in the gradual evolution of the institution, which -- thank goodness -- bears little resemblance to marriage as described in the Bible already), but they tend to forget that the equal and opposite reaction -- opposing things mostly for the sake of being "countercultural" -- is just as much determined by the larger culture. Fundamentalism is not all that old a subset of Christianity -- c. 100 years, give or take -- and I suspect that, in the long haul, it will not be seen as one that added much to the larger religious conversation.

    I hope the professors win their lawsuit. And I also hope they find new, better jobs, and that they have, or find, faith communities that won't require them to check their God-given brains at the door (we're out there; really).

  3. Perhaps the settlement involved a "10 minute oral-exam"?

  4. Someone ought to send these people a copy of "The God Delusion," by Richard Dawkins. And to think: if any of these trustees became ill, and a physician prescribed antibiotics, chances are that they'd take them, and they'd help. In other words, modern science (of all things) can be more forgiving than some people I can name.


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