Friday, October 3, 2014

English Proffie Gig Open in Pennsylvania.

The Flava.

One day after his arrest on federal child pornography charges, an award-winning English professor at Allegheny College has resigned his position at the college.

Kirk Nesset, 57, of Meadville, formally resigned from the college Thursday at 9 a.m., Kathy Roos, Allegheny spokeswoman, confirmed Thursday afternoon.

“Kirk Nesset resigned without a settlement and is no longer affiliated with Allegheny College,” Roos said. A meeting for members of the college community to discuss the incident and their feelings about it is today.



  1. Jesus, no matter how miserable my day is, it's nothing compared to this. Awful.

  2. Aren't people supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this country?

    1. Yes, but he doesn't seem to be contesting the charges: .

  3. Talented guy: ; (though is presence on that second site is now disturbing). At this point, I suppose that's neither here nor there. At least the quick, no-arguments resignation seems like the decent thing to do, if there is a decent thing to do under the circumstances (it might also be a measure of the strength of the evidence against him, but people have been known to make self-serving arguments even in such cases). Given his age (which isn't all that much greater than mine, so I'm in no position to throw stones here), I wonder whether there might be at least a partial medical explanation, though.


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