Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Final tally of Academic Bible Verses

Polling stations are now closed at College Misery and we are prepared to project a winner of the best academic Bible verse.

[insert election night graphics with eagles, explosions and apple pie here]

With 17.84% of the vote, the best academic Bible verse is:
And she brought forth an adjunct, and wrapped him in overloads, and laid him in a manger because there was no office for him in the building. 
Congratulations, Evy!

Runner up, with 16.18% of the vote, is:
And the Adjunct went into the University Court and overturned the tables of the Vice President (Finance) and the chairs of the Vice President (Advancement). And he said to them, "This is a Place of Learning and Scholarship, but you have turned it into a Den of Thieves."  
This was submitted by Andrew Robinson, who you can follow on Twitter @AndrewR_Physics.

It's worth noting that verses about adjuncts picked up the top two spots.  Next time you hear an adjunct complain about not being appreciated, show them this post so they'll simmer down.  (Adjuncts: address all complaints to The RGM.)

An entry by I_am_not_nice earns third place with 13.69% of the vote:
Thou shalt not suffer a plagiarist to live.
Of course, I hate students who copy their assignments as much as anybody.  However, the irony here is rich.  We make fun of plagiarism by changing one word in a sentence that somebody else wrote.

Thanks to all who POOPed then CRAPed!

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