Friday, October 31, 2014

KK Update.

Two different readers report that Katie from Kalamazoo noted on her blog this week that she's considering blogging under her real name in the future. We've had such an odd relationship with this well known academic blogger that we thought this was newsy enough for a little note.

No word on what role the cats will have.


  1. Quick. Take this post down. You've plagiarized her again!!!

    1. Please, for the love of God take this down. She still has my email.

      The chorus starts at 1:10

  2. Here's a list of her best posts:

    When I was reposting CM and RYS stuff at academic water cooler this summer, she was my favorite topic.

  3. Not to tease too much, but Cal is actually nervous. She's sent some incredibly aggressive emails - from actual school account - to the main email address. If she'd like us to remove this tip, she can write me. Cal does not moderate the page.


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