Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Male Grad Student Pretty Sure Female Colleagues Are 'Paranoid B-Words." Most Sent Link This Week. From

Life is hard for the male grad student whose heartfelt cry you're about to read. That's because somehow — and he has no idea how this could be happening — he's always offending his female colleagues, who seem to think he's some kind of sexist douche.

A tipster sent us the Crybaby's recent Facebook post, wherein he confesses that he "often offends" the women around him, and he doesn't understand why. He's tried to so hard to learn all those stupid rules said women are always going on about, like not interrupting or calling them stupid or anything. And yet somehow they're still always mad at him! Must be because they're all "highly ambitious, paranoid b-words."

Click here to see his cogent sociopolitical analysis, with some identifying details redacted.


  1. Priceless. First he sort of thanks women in power suits for giving guys like him the heads-up that they're in for it. Later he concedes that even b-words in regular clothing don't like it when he tries to flirt in the department. Gotta wonder if he ever gets laid, and what THAT b-word is thinking.

  2. Blogger needs to let me comment with an image. I have so many reaction gifs I could use for this.

  3. I once knew a fellow like this. He was so socially inept, he was beat up by M.I.T. grad students. Now THAT's bad.

  4. Hm, so there's an asshole on Facebook? Noted.

    1. Hey, aren't you one of The Onion's American Voices?

  5. In addition to the rest of this crappy mess . . . What do you want to bet he thinks "power suit" means "blazer?" The only time I've seen a woman at any level in my East Coast department wearing an actual suit is when she's interviewing for a job. We wear blazers when we want to intimidate the undergrads.


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