Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Time to flush

What do you get when you Play Online with Other Professors (POOP)?

You get to Choose Random Answers from A Poll (CRAP).  Get it - when you POOP, you get CRAP.

Here is the list of everybody's answers.  I could have cut out the ones I didn't like but that's like choosing my favorite children.  Certainly easy to do but then I get fewer ties for Father's Day.

OK, make your selections.  Choose as many answers as you like.  Vote as often as you like.  Vote so often that you regret it in the morning.  You're academics so it's not like you don't have lots of other regrets already.


  1. Wait, there were some you didn't like? And you were thinking of cutting them? But they are all so special, so unique, each one so beautiful in its creator's eye, like a...

    If you even insinuate that some of our creations are not as good as others ever again, I will lodge a strongly-worded complaint with the Lord High Officer of Student Appeasement. Mark my words... no, on second thought, don't. You're a mean grader and mark my stuff wrong just because you don't like me.

  2. "...and thy stapler comfort me."

    That's STAPLE GUN. (Twitch! Twitch!)


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