Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Today's VidShizzle: Ask Adam!

We love the scientist / TV star Adam Ruben quite a bit. In fact we pushed the shit out of his brilliantly funny book some years back.

We get word that he's doing a new web video series for the Journal of Visualized Experiments (a video-based scientific journal). It's called "Ask Adam about Grad School." It's meant for grad students in the sciences, but most of the advice is fake anyway, and most of the explanations involve toddler toys.

Here's the first episode.


  1. Lighting, man, you gotta work on the lighting of some scenes. But this was cool. Keep it up.

  2. Is this the Surviving Grad School guy?

  3. Nice. I loved, "55 comments on your thesis and they are all vague." Story of my past life!


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