Tuesday, November 4, 2014


  1. My hubby and I use the porn nomenclature now for other things. Food porn, of course, which has been used widely.

    But also, in-law porn (long visits) and Facebook porn (chronicle Jake's every moment on the planet and sharing it even though we swore we wouldn't.)

  2. Re: Alex. Called it.

    And Cal, WTF? I've seen this gray background, or "grey," as you likely call it. I want new stuff, new images. I want a background of Grove City, Iowa. I want corn and cows and those Hawkeyes running roughshod over, I don't know, Illinois. Come on. Just because you don't work on the page means you can slack off. Fucking Terry is toting his barge and you're recycling old graphics.


    1. Hiram, don't make me come up there. Ohio I'm sure is already like an icebox.

  3. So does this mean we should only be posting stuff mid-week and then taking a break?

    Clearly, the page is dying (for Alex).


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