Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Damn standard time

Dr. Jekyll:  Dammit all Hyde, I hate this time of year.

Prof. Hyde:  Are you dreading the onset of winter?

Dr. Jekyll:  No.  My vexation is that daylight savings time has ended. 

Prof. Hyde:  I am not sure I understand.

Dr. Jekyll:  In this northern clime, that means it now gets dark before all the students have left the building.  You know how I don't turn on my office light so that people think I'm not there?

Prof. Hyde:  Yes, but...

Dr. Jekyll:  Well, now I am forced to turn on an office light to get any work done.  At least I may have discovered one thing about students that perhaps Nature will be interested in.

Prof. Hyde:  Which is?

Dr. Jekyll:  Students are more like moths than roaches regarding the light from faculty offices. 


  1. But more like roaches in many other ways.

  2. One thing I remember is that my students seldom came to my office when I was there while I was doing some work between lectures. Instead, they would come, if at all, when it would most inconvenience me, such as before I had to conduct another class or--horrors!--go home for the day.

    Then again, I was expected to be readily accessible to my students at all times. Never mind that the concept of making an appointment totally escaped both them and my departmental administrators.


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