Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Thirsty: Yik Yak?

A question inspired by a sidebar in the Tulane Hullaballoo, which I noticed when I clicked over to read the column linked below

So what's this Yik Yak thing I'm hearing about?  Do your students use it? Do you use it? What, if anything, should I, as an aging-but-aspiring-to-be-not-entirely-out-of-touch college proffie, know about it? 


  1. I suspect my students use it since students from another college in the same town got in trouble for making racists comments on it. The students did not get in trouble, as it is anonymous, but the school had to make a statement and it just looked really bad. In the same town, another student used it to make a bomb threat. He was expelled. Yik Yak helped investigators figure out who sent the threat, you it being a threat.

    Anyway, it seems like a new way for people to make an ass out of themselves anonymously!

  2. Dr. Jekyll: Here is a decent primer -
    It is somewhere between Facebook and Twitter, but focuses on a ten mile radius around you.

    Prof. Hyde: And you are "anonymous". See

  3. After reading this I was curious, so I installed it on my phone, started poking around, and was immediately rewarded with this:

    1) College is so easy. It's like riding a bike!...Except that bike is on fire and your on fire...And everything is on fire and your in hell.

    2) Not to be that guy...But you're*


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