Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hey, Let's See What Sally the Spam Catcher Has Pulled From the Trash Today!

Some people may have
a hard time
spam from gold,
but not our Sally!
  • It's great to read this page and my awesome collages and their views and know that I can help them with my online casino business.
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  • I'm not sure wher you get your information but grat topic. I was looking for this as I finished my review for a new video game.
  • I know what you typed was very reasonable, but what about this? What if you were looking for a title flashier than, "Look what I just did at collegemiseryDOT com?" Maybe you'd attract some eyeballs with flashier presentations and catchier phrasing. You would want to view my online news service to get some great ideas.
  • Outstanding quest there. What happened next.
  • I couldn't leave without telling you much I admire your blog. You have really tapped in to what's important and valuable. Just like in my new article about dating your ex boyfriend. Checking it out!


  1. Now there is a video game "Call of Duty:College Misery Edition"

  2. Not only catches spam, but also looks like Bonnie Raitt.
    There's something to talk about....

    1. I swear I've seen this avatar before but I cannot remember who it was, a regular, or whatever. I never seem to get google image search to find what I'm looking for.

  3. I love posts like this. It reminds me never to run a blog.


    1. I miss your posts, Darla. Will you come back sometime and fill us in on the beautiful PNW and its wonders. Hope your hubby and son are making your life easy when you're not teaching!

  4. Some of the spammers could be "catchers" if you know what I mean.


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