Friday, December 19, 2014

Proffie Galore Is Spanning the Web For News. How About Some Bill Cosby Dissertation Info?

Bill Cosby Paid ‘Fat Albert’ Writers To Write His Doctoral Thesis

Bill Cosby
After acquiring his postgraduate degree from UMass, Expense Cosby made it an indicate be an additional unique asshole about it and required everybody describe him as “Dr. Cosby” also though the validity of that degree was being cast doubt on as early as 1985. Which didn’t quit him from lecturing an African-American football player to the point of splits for not acquiring a 4.0 when he finished from Notre Dame. Yet given that then, the Washington Post did some digging right into Cosby’s bullshit level and also located out he essentially received credit for being on Sesame Road and also The Electric Company as well as just had to write a dissertation concerning Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids, his very own TV show. Except he could not even do that because last night The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon tweeted that Cosby paid two Fat Albert writers to compose his thesis


  1. What language was this translated from? "Sesame Road"?

  2. When I sent this in, I thought it was a bad translation of a bad translation
    Now I'm thinking it's just bad plagiarism with bad use of a thesaurus. What does the panel say?

    Also, "Expense Cosby" sums the man up in many, many ways.

  3. This is awesome. A few years ago a housekeeper was abducted while she waited for her bus, but then escaped the abductor's car at a red light. Some oddball overseas news source reported her abduction almost exactly like this. They described how she was waiting for a bus on "Vapor Ship Route in Location of Royalty" to take her to "Fantastic Neck Train Depot". I almost pissed my pants.

    1. I'm reminded of something in English that was translated into some other language and then translated back into English:

      Invisible idiot = out of sight, out of mind

    2. I think it was the other way around. "Out of sight, out of mind" was the expression to be translated.

    3. I was kind of pleased that I was able to guess within a few blocks the location of the bus stop on Vapor Ship Route in Fantastic Neck.

  4. I'm now feeling slightly better about the literacy level of some of the papers I recently graded (but only slightly better). Composition theory tells us that students' prose often disintegrates at the sentence/syntactic level when they're wrestling to express ideas more complicated than they've tried to write about before; let's just say that some of my students proved that rule in spades.

  5. I'm also finding the image at least as disturbing as the language. If there's any truth to recent (and not-so-recent) accusations, the face he's pulling makes the hypocrisy of his carefully-cultivated public image all too clear.

    Of course I also disapprove of having someone else write your diss., but, in the present context, I'm having trouble getting too worked up about that. It's bad, but, if that accusation is true, at least he only used the degree to feed his vanity with a title rather than parlaying it into an administrative or education-reform job that allowed him to wreak havoc with actual teachers' lives.


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