Saturday, February 28, 2015

Anyone Remember This Series of Cartoons?


  1. I remember Dr. Molly. These are quirky and delightful.

    But like others I can think of, she was here and then disappeared after a while. Why does that happen?

  2. Well, the blog went on hiatus not too long after these appeared. Also, a few people carped about the artistic quality, or lack thereof (this, and carping at the RGM, is why we can't have nice things, people!) I loved them, and thought they made really clever use of their chosen medium. I'd love to see more (and of course I'd love to see Sam Folkchurch return, too -- different sort of cartooning, also wonderful, and a wonderfully effective commentary on higher ed. Let a hundred flowers bloom*, and not only on Molly's skirt).

    *Yes, Strelnikov, I know that phrase has a more sinister meaning in historical context. But the principle was good, even if it worked out badly historically, and it works with the skirt.

  3. I like Dr. Molly.

    The simple repetitiveness of the visuals puts the focus on the words and their implications. It's like those exercises you make people do in writing or visual arts where lots of arbitrary restriction are applied to force the brain out of its usual channels.

    I should try to design a similar effect for my upper-division science students: make three out of five of the following measurements in 3 hours with only the equipment on the lab bench. Scores to be based on a harmonic mean of the precision achieved in each measurement. Or some such scary and difficult challenge.

  4. Jeebus, snarked about "artistic quality"? Then, why aren't we drowned in spectacular cartoon comedy? Where are the snarkers?

    Just showing up for the RGM, no matter who that might be. Thank you for putting up with that. And, find Dr Molly.


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