Monday, February 2, 2015

More on National Adjunct Walkout Day/Action Week

Following up on Alice's contribution last week, here's another blog with some ideas and information about National Adjunct Walkout Day (and/or its partner event, National Adjunct Action -- or perhaps that's Awareness -- Week).  This post, in particular, has a useful explanation of what a "walkout" means in labor law (and why, as a result, adjuncts who belong to unions, or work in states where the union tradition is strong, may not want to join an action called exactly that).  It also contains a very sensible call to action:

Personally, I don’t give f**k what it’s called. I want to be heard and I want something done.
Call it whatever you wish. Just get up and do something.
That post is then followed by some useful ideas and resources (e.g. the stickers pictured here, and an explanation for students -- and parents -- of what an adjunct is, and strategies for calling attention to the unpaid time adjuncts spend on their work, and the spaces they are allotted, and/or use, on campus).  

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  1. Just writing to second all your excellent advice here. Cheers, Alan Trevithick, adjunct, Westchester Community College SUNY, LaGuardia CC CUNY, and Fordham University, three institutions which depend on exploited faculty labor, the first two in spite of the presence of unions pretending to act in the interests of all, and the third in spite of being a Jesuit University pretending to treasure Catholic Social teaching.


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