Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our next chat session will be at 7 pm Eastern today.

Just show up here and you can chat with me and anybody else who is around. This was a lot of fun when we did it the first time.  Hope you'll stop by.

If you want to be extra spiffy, go to and register. I think this is the sign up page. That lets you have an avatar picture in the chat window. While not required, it makes it easier for everybody to identify you. Don't you want to make things easier on everybody? 

I'll post the chat window in a new post at 7 pm eastern time.  If you get here early, just refresh the page like a madman until it pops up.  (This gives CM more pageviews so the RGM will be happy.)


  1. Oh, I start a class at that time. :( I hope you do this again soon. I'd love to chat.

    1. Sorry that you won't be there. We'll give you all the crappy committee assignments.

      You can still participate. Just give the students some bullshit group work to do so that you can log in.


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