Monday, February 16, 2015

Real or Not Real? Professor Sexing Stories

Gawker asked its readers: Have you ever hooked up with a prof? And they got quite a few replies.

Now, I have history here -- a younger me truly believed that a professor "valued my mind" and not anything else. I was genuinely shocked after an evening of drinking led to him kissing me. Then I had to talk him down, try to salvage the situation so my grade wouldn't suffer. It's one of my worst memories of early grad school.

But some of these stories.... it makes me wonder. What do you think? Real or Not Real?

[Bonus: Have you ever sexed a prof / student? Feel like sharing?]


  1. See, I don't get these stories, but maybe it's because as a student, I never found a professor attractive/sexy (and I've never been desperate enough for a grade to remotely consider it). As a professor, all my students look like tiny children and I've never been attracted to one of them.

    At my Master's institution, though, there were lots of rumors about one of the professors who regularly did a study abroad and some of her male students, so. . . .

  2. I never sexed a student or been sexed by one. I did once ask out a former student, after the course had ended. I was still in grad school at the time and he was a student in my discussion session. There was no chance he would ever be my student again. He turned me down, I shrugged and said okay, and that was it. That was the last time I ever found one of my students even remotely attractive, because as I age they continue to stay the same age.

    I did know a prof in grad school who left her husband for a grad student. She was also in charge of a hefty grant to hire an assistant, apparently. And, of course, that grad student got the assistantship. So -- I suppose I subsidized that relationship with my taxes (they are, last I heard, still together, married, and quite happy, so . . . good for them, I guess).

    I've been hit on a couple times, both of which I squashed vigorously ("I'm your professor, this is inappropriate, and I'm gay" tended to work).

  3. I know one grad-prof relationship that worked out well, although not as steamy as any of these at Gawker. Others lasted a while before fizzling out. I've never heard first hand about a prof-undergrad relationship.

  4. I call bullshit on the first one. Nobody brings their bean bag chairs and velvet sex room accoutrements cross country for a one year visiting gig. Plus wouldn't the wife have noticed he took the sex room with him?


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