Thursday, March 12, 2015

An RYS Flashback on Evaluations. 5 years Ago Today.

Morris from Myrtle Beach And a Modest Proposal on Student Evals.

Furlong from Fursville did the right thing.

Student evaluations are a joke. I've been a prof for 20 years and can admit that I've not leaned even one good bit of advice from a student evaluation. On the other hand, I've learned tons of stuff from students in unprovoked and open discussion of the class, my assignments, the workload, and so on.

Since I have tenure - and Furlong does not - this advice might or might not help.

About ten years ago I got a standard pack of evaluations to pass out in my class. I took them, put them back in an interoffice envelope and sent them to the Dean. I wrote on a sheet of paper. "If you truly want to know what my students think of the class, come and ask them yourself." And then I wrote the dates and times of my last class days.



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  2. Furlong taking the evals off the students desks and ripping them up. Priceless! Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one.

    I wonder what became of him???

  3. Now that we're switching to all-electronic evals, I need no longer waste class time on them, and it'll be even easier to ignore them!

    But of course, I have tenure.


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