Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I whipped out my trusty Concise Oxford Dictionary, by the Fowler brothers, of course.

Following its format, here’s what I have:

stommel /stom' m(e)l/ -v. (past & past part stommeled /stom' m(e)l (e)d/) 1 pander to subordinates in a shameless way (the prof thinks (s)he’ll get better student evaluations by ~ing). 2 do so while ignoring obvious reality (the politician ~ed hir constituents by promising lower taxes and more services). 3 esp be outspoken about ~ing in a self-righteous and intellectually dishonest or delusional way (the tenure committee sees through ~ing because it's obnoxious).


  1. Yeah, I know it's not as juicy as "santorum," or as devious as "quisling," but sometimes life just hands you material.

    1. Heh. "Juicy" and "santorum" in the same sentence.

  2. And we have an addition to the glossary!


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