Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Northwestern College Alum Share Memories of the Old Caf.

When I was a student, the caf’ had two entrĂ©e options. As you were standing in line, just before you turned the corner from the hallway into the serving area, there was a table with two cellophane-wrapped plates of food to whet our appetites.

One day Darin Wiebe ’88 tucked one under his coat and took it back to Coly, where we hid it in the room of Paul Dougherty ’87, Dave Izenbart ’89 and Perry Krosschell ’87.

After a day or two, a faint sour smell was developing—worse than usual for a room with three football players. After a couple more days the guys were changing deodorants and buying air fresheners.

Eventually they discovered the plate from the cafeteria—by that time, covered in green fuzz.

Orange City, Iowa


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