Thursday, March 19, 2015

Old News.

Ben sends in two old new links that gave us shout-outs.

First of all, in July of last year the U of Georgia Red and Black gave an overview of professor and student rating sites. When asked to comment, one proffie said, “Sometimes students are careless, which might leave professors frustrated and willing to react,” he said. “But I can’t envision a scenario in which I would [post online].” Another said, "It’s silly. It seems to me that professors should be providing information on whether or not to take their classes [instead]."

And then the Crampicle last June featured an article by someone whose entire understanding of this site is that we "bad-mouth students."


  1. I think the part Corrigan (author of the second article) misses is that kvetching can lead to problem-identification, and problem-solving (quite often, in fact, in the comments here). Sometimes you just gotta vent first.

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    1. The formula for these things is:
      1 - Set up a dichotomy between venting and solving the problem.
      2 - Blame the venters for not working to solve the problem.
      0 - Present no evidence about whether the dichotomy is true.

      Corrigan comments "So, if I get you correctly, your kvetching comes from your high expectations. But I don't know if that's usually or always the case with most people."

      That's an argument from ignorance. Neither do you know that kvetching indicates lower expectations, other than perhaps in a few anecdotes, which is well short of usually or always.


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