Thursday, March 12, 2015

Parking Map. Jackson (MI) Community College.


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    1. When there are no new posts I put something up. Mascots, maps, menus, etc. I want to make sure readers get their money's worth.

    2. RGM, this is even better than the mascots, which I really liked anyway.

    3. I was confused by the lack of alpaca housing... So it's a pretend university, like that one in Oxford, Ohio...

  2. Damn, they have an ABC store on campus. That's hardcore.

    What do the initials on other buildings mean?

    FH: frat house

    1. None of it is real. I drew the map this morning. There is no Jackson MI. I put East Jimmy Kimmel Road on the bottom of the map at first but shortened it figuring someone would make out the prank.

    2. Is there anything associated with academia that isn't a lie?

    3. There's my paycheck: it should be classified not as fiction, but comedy.

    4. In Hawaii, ABC stores are like a cross between 7-11 and Walgreens (or CVS) on the mainland, like Duane Reade in Manhattan, and they seem to spread like Starbucks or herpes. I think it's Virginia where an ABC store is the state-run booze store.


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