Sunday, March 1, 2015

That Matching Game That Everyone Made Their Own Rules For. None Of This Was Ever Supposed to make Sense Anyway. Cheese & Rice Am I Glad I'm Done For the Day.

Match the phrase with the group, or don't. I mean, what the fuck does it matter?

We're looking for work study jobs where we can use our phones. ________
They're standing like that because I'm their queen. ________
None of us made it through rush. _______
We came for the study guide. ________


  1. Syllabus policies that may not fly:

    A: Failure to form a multi-ethnic group for your presentation will result in a grade deduction
    B: Least fashionably dressed 2 paces forward NOW!
    C: Files to be gender coded: green for girls, blue for boys
    D: Line up in order of attractiveness
    (Extra credit for midriff exposure)

  2. call home to tell them to refill our ATM cards.
    ...and they think I can't hear them insulting me behind my back.
    ...because we never learned how to do keg stands.
    ...we stayed for the chance to learn from the professor's clear expertise in a rewarding small group setting. Nah, we just want to know what will be on the test, and we're going to complain on the evaluations and RMP about how the test included stuff that wasn't taught in class and wasn't in the study guide.

  3. The first, second, and fourth group are yet to finish: they are ABD.
    The remaining group are in trouble: they couldn't get a straight C.

    1. You, sir or madam, are in damn fine form tonight. I raise a glass in your general direction


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