Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Can I Take the Final Early?"


  1. I had a student this year that was gone the two weeks AFTER spring break, because her family was going on a cruise to Brazil. Must be nice.

  2. I especially like that he left out a word in his joyous announcement of the coming excursion. Student emails are often like that* (but more often worded along the lines of "I need to take the final early").

    *Actually, mine are often like that, too.

  3. The correct sentence is "My aunty is taking me Vegas."
    (At least where I'm from.)

  4. No, you may NOT take the final early, as it SAYS IN THE SYLLABUS. I'll be going to Florida to visit my sex-crazed girlfriend, you see, and she won't like it if I'm exhausted from chasing around irresponsible, immature aliterates with a pooper-scooper.



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