Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Greta on Spring

bad tuesday haiku

the cool, cool sunshine
reminds me to breathe the spring,
feel the spring, find the

spring within me that
trickled defiantly through
winter's unseemly

drought. seamlessly, one
term becomes another, one
word becomes a song,
one day becomes the
spring i had forgotten, soft
unfolding of long

ago, belonging
to time and memory and
desire and only

me.  if only, if
only...i could remember...
that one song, that one

single note, that one
word that makes it eternal.
it's gone, though, like blake's

ember: it flared once
and faded, as we all do.
instead, i seek the

spring that steadies me
another year, another
season. another

semester begins.
at least i know that even
the driest winter

cannot win complete.
there is a spring.  i own it--
if only today.
Originally posted May 8, 2012

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