Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If Someone Were to Act Fast...One Could Save $100 and Give Us Back Our Original Name...

Click this link to buy now, although I don't know who would.


  1. The discount goes and comes, I'm pretty sure (at least I've been offered it several times when I've typed in the wrong address by mistake, and have also been offered the domain at "full" price). So far, nobody seems to have snapped up the opportunity to start a site that can easily be mistaken for that of higher education's premiere online publication.

  2. I'm waiting until it's on clearance.

    1. Once we solve all our problems and there's no misery left, it will be a bargain. Any day now...

    2. Harold Camping has a good track record of predicting the end of misery.

  3. I wonder if we have sufficient grounds to launch a cybersquatting suit.

    Before looking further into this, I did not know that "notable personalities, including rock star Bruce Springsteen and actor Kevin Spacey, failed to obtain control of their names on the internet." So we are in good company, but with the difference that the existence of "" already makes "" of far less commercial value. Furthermore, a search on "college misery" is likely to pull up "" and moot the whole kerfuffle.

    When hits something more like $14.95, I'll buy it and donate it to our cause.


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