Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just Plain Fool.

What started out as a harmless April Fools Day prank turned out to be anything but funny when the joke resulted in a fire at an apartment near a college campus Wednesday.

Units from multiple fire departments were called to a fire just west of Grand Valley State University in Michigan after an April Fools prank involving fireworks sent one apartment unit up in smoke, the Holland Sentinel reports.

Four girls live in Apartment 4 of Building B of the Campus West Apartments. Fire officials said one of the girls threw a lit firework at a roommate; the firework landed in a laundry hamper, setting the contents on fire.


  1. April Fools Pranks that are intended to physically harm a college student are wrong. And I much support them anyway.

  2. Any April Fool's Day prank that involves lighting a match (or otherwise inviting combustible materials to combust) is probably a bad idea. But some of them are, indeed, funny anyway (as long as no one gets hurt).

  3. So long as people practice their entry into the Natural Selection Hall of Fame without adversely affecting the innocent, I typically don't see the downside.

    This particular incident was far from optimal in that regard.


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