Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh caption, my caption!

Give me a caption.

See you in the comments!


  1. More Macs than a Dublin pub.

  2. What? You do your best and most copiously researched work on Twitter, too?

  3. Bystanding Reader

    An Apple a day keeps the teacher away!

  4. all the students started tweeting how sucky slow the wifi on campus is

  5. Did you see on facebook that there's actually a teacher in the room?

  6. You know, my father used to tell how, when he was our age, Microsoft and Windows were on nearly every computer on campus.....

  7. Attendance was relatively high for Slacktivism 101.

    After the FDA banned tanning salons, Vitamin D-impaired students resorted to less-regulated, but far less effective methods to prep for Spring Break.

    "Hey, I almost got distracted by the teacher."
    "No way! I thought that was just somone making another pre-class announcement."
    "Wait, you're right. We stayed straight through the break into the next class!"

    "Your assimilation is now complete. You will pre-order your next five Apple products today."
    "My assimilation is now complete. I will pre-order my next five Apple products today."


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