Thursday, May 28, 2015

A VidShizzle Because My Tee Time Isn't Until 2 pm.


  1. Welcome to real life, kid. Much of it is doing what's expected of you as well as doing stuff you don't like because it's necessary.

    One reason I quit teaching was that I dealt with too many Stews.

  2. I cracked up at Cal's last comment at the end of the video because that's how I felt the whole time. What about our pain, Stew, you miserable fuck?

  3. Stew, the most charitable thing I can say is that you are too fucking young to know which part of your education you'll never use.

    Now, as to your complaint that in college, all of a sudden, you must choose your path: we can fix that for you. To the labor camp, hence!

    1. No, I am not he, but I am honored by the comparison. The labor camp thing is a very Strelnikov thing to say, but I'm guessing he would have started and ended with it.


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