Sunday, May 31, 2015

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Son killed mother in argument over college grades

A 22-year-old man home from college killed his mother after they argued about his grades, authorities in Alabama said Saturday.

Tyler Ryan Blansit called 911 on Friday afternoon, Mentone Police Chief Brad Gregg told CNN.

When officers arrived at the family residence, they found Sherry Ann Blansit's body in the back yard, he said.

Blansit confessed to killing his mother, 45, after they got into an argument over grades, said DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris.

The Misery.

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  1. Well that's depressing. I've had a student go to significant lengths (significant enough to merit a disciplinary case once uncovered) lengths to convince his parents that the "incomplete" he had in my class meant that I was really, really late finishing the grading, but this is in a whole other league. I'm assuming the student and/or the family had some pretty significant problems that went well beyond grades, and the conflict over the grades was more symptom than cause. Whatever the back story, it sounds like a sad situation for all involved.


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