Friday, May 29, 2015

Schuman states (what should be) the obvious. Hiring committees disagree.

I really just wanted an excuse to use this graphic

Over on Slate:
[C]ollege students are not customers. That analogy needs to die. It needs to be drowned in the world’s largest bathtub. It needs a George R.R. Martin–esque bloodbath of a demise.
Meanwhile, in the faculty job announcements:



  1. First, this may be the best ever graphic.
    Second, in summary - WTF? FFS!

  2. Yup, perfect graphic.

    The two ads from Tacoma Community College also mention "customer satisfaction". The part of me that would have vomited into my mouth must have died, or I'm just becoming inured.

    Who writes this ad copy? Is it people in HR, who then didn't get sign-off from the search committee? Is it the search committee, the members of whom have all drunk the wrong Kool-Aid? "WTF" cannot adequately convey my profound feeling of WTF here.

    I think this comic strip sums up the problem pretty well.

  3. Did anyone else catch the "Ability to function efficiently in a stressful work environment" in the ad from Sullivan University System? I am thinking, "understatement".

  4. I'mma want more detail on some of these job ads before I cry foul. For example, the second-from-the-bottom ad, for a clinical supervisor, sounds as if it may actually include dealing with The Dreaded Public, in which case customer service skills are essential.


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