Saturday, May 23, 2015

So, This is Saturday.


  1. Should we all start singing "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens? :)

  2. All right, I saw this post title this morning, and it rattled about my cranium and this popped out:

    (with apologies to John Lennon and Yoko Ono)

    So this is is Saturday
    And what have you done?
    You've burned out the old ones
    And fed on the young.
    And so this is is Saturday
    I'd hoped you would see
    Another day's labour
    You just got for free.

    Have a very merry weekend
    But don't mind us here
    Still grading these papers
    And squand'ring our beer.

    And so this is is Saturday
    Drive off in your car
    Upholstered in leather
    Like some movie star.
    And so happy Saturday
    You're well off the hook
    You'll miss all the problems
    If you never look.

    Have a very merry weekend
    With an extra day off
    I wouldn't want to rain on
    Your big game of golf.

    So this is is Saturday,
    And what have you done?
    You've burned through your elders
    And eaten your young.
    But so here it's Saturday
    I dare you to say
    That we're all just lucky
    We get any pay.

    But then come Commencement
    The Kool-Aid we drink
    Convinces us minions
    Your shit doesn't stink.

    1. The genius that is OPH!
      (and may I tape the 2nd verse to my president's door?)

    2. Please to use at your own risk ;-) If you do, please let us know. In addition to the line in my CV about my publicaton in a pre-eminent, peer-reviewed, academic journal, I want to put in something about how I am a close advisor to the president.

    3. I meant to ask: is your president upholstered in leather, too?

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  4. Jesus, Cal, keep it together. It's 2 in the morning in Auckland and it's pouring down rain. I think I saw a beastie in the tub. What I wouldn't give to be standing by those roses and pulling out a 7 iron!

    1. My advice, don't get used to the local time. Whenever I leave Ohio for the east coast, I just leave my watch the way it is. Don't want none of that jet lag!

  5. The Rose (with apologies to Amanda McBroom and Bette Midler)

    Some say life, it is a journey
    And we all make our own road.
    Some say life, it is a cipher
    And we all must crack the code.
    Some say life, it is a memo
    That you forgot to send.
    I say life, it is an old song
    That goes darker at the end.

    It's the mind too closed for learning
    That bids our souls to weep.
    It's the heart too numb for yearning
    That shakes us from our sleep.
    It's the one who nonchalantly
    Lets it ride till it gets tense,
    And the gut reacts absurdly
    When the brain disdains all sense.

    In your Sisyphean struggle
    That has only just begun,
    When the victor takes the spoils
    And the second best gets none,
    Just remember in the garden
    There's a fragile bloom that grows
    If the winter's cold had spared it,
    But in the spring it always snows.


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