Wednesday, June 24, 2015

5 Years Ago Today.

So, most people know the history.

But College Misery opened its psychotic and healing doors 5 years ago today. I did it with the support and okay from Compound Cal, the last standing moderator from the "goon old days" of Rate Your Students."

It's always been dysfunctional; it's always been dying.

Our first post:



Why do all our department meetings seem to last as long as this Wimbledon match?

Sure hope this blog lasts a lot longer!


  1. Our department meetings are much more lively, since we recently took down a Chair with an ambiguous relationship with truth. Of course, this was in glorious workers' state of California, but I hope it signifies there is hope.

  2. Congratulations everyone. 5 years is a lifetime online and I've always been so happy to be a part of things at The Misery.

    To all the wonderful characters I've met here, well done. I hope you keep it going!


  3. Bubba started it off! Well done. And he's still around. I love that so many people have been here for the 5 years. Is there a definitive list?

  4. Ooh, this was depressing. I went to June 2010 in the archives and saw all these long-forgotten names: Online Ophelia, Rachel the Red, English Doc, Aware and Scared, Dr. Snarky, the Spare Queen, Dr. Cranky, Meanest Professor Ever. And in the comments, loads of names I do not remember. Where do they go? What are they doing?

    Who was this Beaker Ben character? What happened to him?

    1. "whatever happened to him?"

      Nothing good, I can tell you that.

  5. Happy CM Birthday everybody!

  6. Happy anniversary to all, and many, many thanks to those who have kept this place going. Hard to believe it's been five years.

  7. Didn't our last big milestone involve a party with "strap-ons and burritos"? That was one of my favourite pieces of CM wierdness.

  8. Happy birthday, CM.

    I've been here only 1/2 of its life, but I've read every damn post, every damn comment still extant in the archives, chronologically from the first to the present. This place has been my saviour in so many ways.


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