Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All thriller, not enough filler



  1. Fucking Bubba, who gets a big shout out on the page tomorrow, by the way.

  2. A blast from the past! (and now I want a hot dog)

  3. Hey, and does Terry's final post count as filler? I don't think so. It was killer. It was the ne plus ultra of everything. I read it, and I'm not kidding, about once a week. It is mesmerizing, and I think of how it would only exist with THIS page, and this community. Why did we get to lucky to have all of these characters gather, from Bubba and Ben to Cassandra, the Cynic, Darla, YARO, Walter - who can't be real - Cal and Terry and Kimmie. All those I'm leaving out.


  4. Sometimes I have to remind the young 'uns that Mohammed Ali, Howard Cosell, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, and Henry Kissinger were all real people: they weren't made up by the National Lampoon. Bluto Blutarsky, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, and Wicked Walter from Waxahatchee were not real people. It's not easy to tell them apart, is it?


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