Monday, June 15, 2015


  1. So if I'm following the narrative correctly, red-hoodie guy has, sadly, expired underneath his tree of a burst appendix (and unfortunately, since he had a bit of tendency to misrepresent where he was and what he was doing, it may be a while before they find the body). RIP, red-hoodie guy, we hardly knew ye (because ye rarely if ever came to class, but that's moot now). Sympathies to your family, who apparently cared about you, and your education. You probably would have, too, if you'd lived and matured for a few more years.

    Meanwhile, backpack guy, refreshed by a family vacation that partially overlapped final exams for the spring semester (but presumably the Dean helped him work out that little issue), is back on campus, ready to take a summer class. Of course, if he wanted to spend all day at the pool, he could just take an online class (assuming the pool has good wifi -- but who wants a pool without good wifi?). He has, however, wisely concluded that it will be easier to concentrate if he actually attends a class. I commend that decision. However, I hope his face-to-face teacher has given him the same warning I give my online students about the pace of summer classes, and the need to set aside substantial prep time each day/week. Maybe that's what he's planning to do by the pool.


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