Saturday, July 25, 2015

Next Week: 100% Community Generated Posts!

Starting Monday, all posts will be generated by community members! Those 30+ folks with posting rights should feel free to put something up on the page, and anyone who's a reader is welcome to hit us with an email (also in the sidebar) with any misery you want to share!


  1. Challenge accepted! I put something up for Monday morning.

  2. I love you Fab, but you posted the last 8 items on this page. You need to let the page stagnate to guilt people - LIKE ME - into getting more active. You're doing a good thing, but I know you'll get antsy on Wednesday and you'll make it easy on me again by putting stuff up. Let me struggle. Let me miss it. I'm down but not dead!

  3. Sounds like a plan. However, I'm off for some much-needed vacation/away-from-computer time, so I'll look forward to seeing how it went when I get back. Amelia's post looks like an excellent start. And I'm going to be reading Frankie's work, just not on CM; I'm in the process of downloading the Kindle app on my new tablet, Frankie, and your book will be my first experiment in kindle-reading.

    1. Thank you Cassandra! You just made my week.


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