Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Thirsty: I am too lazy to look for the rules, after all, it is still summer

It is officially still summer, even if the weather disagrees, or is overdoing things, but the start of August is definitely the beginning of the end for most academics.  Around this time of year, I notice a very clear split among my colleagues between those who are beginning to prepare for the new semester even though (for us in the UK) it's still over a month away, and those who are still totally ignoring the existence of classes this autumn.  I never know which strategy is 'best' - I really like the feeling of NOT being in a panic in freshers' week that comes from doing prep now, but I also find that as soon as I start doing prep my stress levels rise and ability to prioritise my research writing slides.  So, Miserians, advice:

Would you advise putting off preparing for classes until the last minute, or is preparing in the summer the best option?



  1. Oh, nobody cares about the rules!

    Whenever I work over the summer to prep a class, I undo everything on the Sunday before classes. So I just wait now. I read through whatever books I'm using, and revise any trouble spots on the syllabus. But revisions to actual assignments and dates waits until the last minute.

  2. I tend to revise my syllabus as I teach it, or else I'll forget where the problem areas are. Big revisions wait until summer, but the littler ones happen pretty much immediately.

  3. This basically IS the last minute for me. I've started, and I'm sure I'll be finishing up after the first faculty meeting.

  4. Wait. Course assignments and college regulations change. Procrastinating can pay off.

  5. I get all my LMS stuff completed now. If I wait during "Service Week" it takes ten minutes to get a page to refresh, because everybody on campus is doing the same thing. When I hear colleagues complaining about it, I feel vindicated and glad that I completed it early.

  6. I don't wait. I get my whole year's worth of syllabi planned out and redone over the first week of summer. Then I change it all in a panic the week before classes, and again the day before I post online. And I do this every year... for over 15 years now. So... what was the question again?

    My colleagues wait until the last minute, not even checking email in the summer. Why can't I do that? WHY?!!!


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