Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Return of the Misery Tweeter.

Kimmie of the Kensington Kimmies has decided to restart twitting the tweeters on a regular basis. You can follow us @CollegeMisery and she will do her best to showcase the finest miserable twits as she finds them.


  1. Yay, Kimmie! I really should get on that twitty thing now and then.

  2. So I'm reading the tweets, and apparently students think it's a huge buzzkilly imposition when we send out the syllabus in advance? Fine. Procrastination it is.

  3. Terry P ran our first twitter, and he got hassled because he displayed the tweets on our page, WITH NAMES AND COLLEGES AND PHOTOS blurred out. So Kimmie did it for a while.

    Nobody did it as well as Ben, though, who had his own Twitter account and kept a lot of us in stitches for many many months.

    Kimmie loved Ben's tweets, too, so just wanted to try and fill in a bit. I get a kick out of it because there's a never-ending supply of misery...

  4. Love the twits today, Kimmie...miss seeing your posts though.

  5. This may entice me to actually get back on the twitter thingie.


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