Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A New Game. Guess the Graphic.

Here's a nearly impossibly awful graphic Cal made for RYS/CM at some point in the past. Guess what sort of post it accompanied.

A) Students With Happy Outlook Easier to Flunk.
B) Dentistry School Applications Up 65%.
C) Bedraggled Brutus Wants To Know Where The Promise of Tenure Went.
D) Nobody Could Find The Duck Photo.
E) _________________________________________________________.
      (fill in the blank; I know everyone wants to...)


  1. E) See, this is a rainbow and a smiling lady. None of this shit exists when I'm grading 75 freshman essays. So I hate the smiling and the colors. I want to kill the rainbow.

  2. E) E stands for Ecstasy. This is how you feel when you're on it. Don't you want to feel like this? It takes away all the pain. Next departmental meeting, come prepared to deal with it. You know you want it.

  3. E) "Gumdrop Unicorn 2: The Tenure Track" straight to DVD release blamed on poor graphic design.


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