Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bullet dodged

Perhaps you've heard that Scott Walker has dropped out of the primary.

Simultaneously expressing my feelings
towards the candidate and
about his dropping out of the race.

After what he's done to higher education in Wisconsin, I could not stomach his mindset being further legitimized, for it to spread like cancerous kudzu around the country.

I don't ordinarily express political opinions at gatherings where others are likely to hold opposing views, but I told my family that if he were elected President, I'd have to leave the country. Even one uncle who doesn't believe in tenure (and told me so immediately upon learning that I'd gotten it) and drinks deeply of the Horowitz Kool-Aid knew not to fuck with me about this issue.

OK, we can go back to our normally scheduled stuff. I just had to put this out there.


  1. A little scary to think that what Walker did (and Jindal, and my own Brownback) to higher ed and unions and Planned Parenthood STILL WASN'T ENOUGH to get Republican primary voters to like him.

    But yes, one bullet in the extended clip dodged. 15 to go.

    1. You know what else is scary? A punchlist as simple as this:

      Decimated higher ed? Check.
      Busted unions? Check.
      Defunded Planned Parenthood? Check.


      I feel some solace that it takes more than that to make voters "like" a candidate.

  2. A message from the Scott Walker with talent:

    There's no regrets
    No tears goodbye
    I don't want you back

    1. Some sources claim it's written by Michael Ludes, Matthias Bier, Thomas Godel and Sascha Matthias Lengert, others Tom Rush. Some associate it with Midge Ure. The latter strikes a chord (pun intended); I think I remember the Ultravox version. Other artists have covered it as well. My brain is fried and now I have no fucking clue whose song it is or who recorded it first, or where The Walker Brothers (band) fit in the chain of custody.

  3. About the only thing I've ever heard Walker say that I agree with is that the current Republican front-runner (who apparently can't tell a university from a series of hotel-ballroom get-rich-quick real estate "seminars") has got to go. On the other hand, given my own political proclivities, I'm not sure I'm in any rush for that to happen, since it might produce a more viable frontrunner. On the other other hand, I occasionally fear that sanity might not prevail, and we could find ourselves with The Donald as president. I tend to avoid "I'm moving to Canada" hyperbole, since I think most presidents for whom I didn't vote have been reasonably competent (albeit often in carrying out political philosophies with which I disagree) and demonstrably not the antichrist -- in short, legitimate products of the democratic process (well, give or take some hanging-chad/Supreme Court interference, but we're still talking a very close election there)), but, faced with the possibility of President Trump, I'm inclined to make an exception (and perhaps also inclined to wonder whether voting should be limited to an educated elite -- except that in most such systems throughout history I'd be shut out thanks to gender, and I'm sure in the present U.S. system the result would be even more of a wealth-based oligarchy than we've got at present, which would also shut out me, and pretty much everyone else here).


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