Monday, September 14, 2015

Delta State University: One dead in campus shooting.

Police are eyeing a love triangle as the possible motivation in a pair of shootings on Monday morning, Fox News confirmed, one of which claimed the life of a history professor at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Cops believe Prof. Shannon Lamb, 45, shot and killed Prof. Ethan Schmidt as Schmidt sat at his desk in a campus building. Police also suspect Lamb in the murder of a woman in Gautier, Miss. who was killed before Schmidt on Monday. Lamb was reported to be romantically involved with the woman. Lamb, a geography and social science education instructor, allegedly believed the woman was also in a relationship with Schmidt. The woman has not yet been identified.




  1. The murdered prof was an historian, specializing in colonial-era Native-colonial interactions, and widely considered a fine colleague and teacher. I didn't know him, but people who did know him and his work are deeply distraught.

    1. His work sounds really interesting, and, according to the account I read, he'd just published his first book. It shouldn't really, but somehow that makes it seem worse (like getting killed in a car wreck on the way to turn your finished dissertation over to the printers, a fear it turns out several friends and I shared, in part because we finished while no longer in residence, and had to drive long distances in a sleep-deprived state to complete that step in the process). Still, I may well end up reading his book, now that I've heard of it. Hell of a way to get publicity, though.

      It sounds like the cause of the shooting was more domestic than professional, which I suppose is comforting in a way (less chance of copycats), but not really. RIP, Prof. Schmidt.

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