Friday, September 25, 2015

More Bros Living the Dream.

The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at James Madison University did not wait one second of this new school year to start preying on “hot” freshman girls, according to a disturbing new rush guide that’s currently circulating on campus.

The guide, sent to us by a tipster, includes the name, room number, and a 1-10 hotness ranking of several freshman girls in a particular dorm, so that potential new bros can find them and bring them to FIJI parties.

The misery.


  1. And just to think, my dear old Dad was a Fiji. At least he was also a Phi Beta Kappa.

  2. I don't mind fraternities, but I hate Fiji. Three or four (we never could figure out how many) of them moved into the house next door while my wife and I were in grad school, and they made it the frat house. There were massive, loud parties that spilled over onto my lawn and left the streets paved with keg cups. We heard raucous hooting at 3 a.m. while the residents and assorted guests jumped off the roof onto a trampoline. It was later reported to me (by a reliable source) that the residents had a big liking for coke. And one of those motherfuckers shot our cat with a BB gun. Fuck Fiji.

  3. The bros with the "drop your daughter here" banners mostly sounded stupid and immature; the author of this missive strikes me as more on the creepy/scary end of the scale (perhaps all the more so because he knows the behavior he's suggesting is creepy). Ugh.

  4. for those into US politics, guess which creepy "Xtian" rightwing governor was a Fiji in college?


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